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Calling Up the Sacred Feminine

Dearest Sacred Feminine,

I've held you back, been ashamed of you, embarrassed by you, called you names, made you hide in the shadows of my psyche. I’d like to re-introduce myself, and call you back into my life.

I need you now, more than ever – We need you now, more than ever.

Welcome. Come, sit. Let me hold you.

I’ll tell you all the ways I’ve been afraid of you.

My ancestors were goddesses, with you at the forefront of their lives. As time passed, you weren’t safe to have around. We were humiliated, tortured, killed because of your power. Through generations, we hid you deep inside, so your words couldn’t be heard.

In time, we barely heard you at all.

It’s time to empower the Sacred Woman – healer, lover, conquistador of the heart, mother of life, destroyer of fear – and reawaken our Wild Woman by becoming powerful allies. When you look into the eyes of a woman next to you at work, in line, on street corners, really look at her.

I know you, see your wildish nature, fiercely support you singing into the dry, deserted psychic land holding the Wild Woman’s soul, bravely moving into a place where, instead of competing with her and judging her, we ferociously empower her.

The wise, inner, intuitive voice, the voice of one never born who never dies, has been called by many names and has no name. She is limitless, a creator of new life who knows what within us must die, the birth-death-birth mother, infinite cosmic goddess, sacred feminine, visionary, oracle – known by many names and taking many forms.

One of those is the Wolf Woman.

Wolves and wild women run together, howling at the moon as it waxes and wanes, a song reminding us to return to our soul, calling us home – to ourselves.

All women have a secret life, a soul life deep within the psyche. When the voice of our tribe takes over, you can hear her, faintly at first, chanting a familiar tune, rattling bones, dancing. She calls us back to our soul life where we know who we are, and the path we’re meant to take.

La Loba, the Wolf Woman.

She keeps a piercing and watchful eye over the spirit, the sacred self. Nature and the Wild Woman are on the verge of becoming extinct, but, like the wolf, she’s brave, courageous – and when awakened, creates great and powerful change.

The soul life we yearn for is one of creativity, passion, freedom, deep joy. Taught to feel ashamed of the desire to feed our instinctual selves, we learned to quiet her, shut her out, keep her caged in the darkest recesses of consciousness – but she comes out at times, in fits of rage.

And we wake up to find paw prints on the floor, next to the bed.

Without her, our inner eyes become clouded, we forget who we are. Luckily, no matter how far we banish her into the desert, she cannot die, finding secret rooms and trap doors to enter through. If we listen, from time to time we hear her howling deep inside, a song from dreams of lives past.

Let’s release her from the tight, suffocating collar, allow her wildish nature to heal, nurture, and restore balance. Instead of dancing nervously out of sight, girdled, reined, and muzzled, let’s slip out of the collar and courageously own our fire, our superpower.

If we’re brave enough, we’ll breathe life back into her lungs and trust the wisdom of our intuitive, wise, eternal self. She’s waiting, calling, whispering, singing, howling – jolting us to remember her, begging us to allow her to return to our lives.

Give her a voice.

Amberlea Patrick, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, Texas, blending principles of spirituality with high professional standards of psychotherapy. Reclaim your sacred feminine in this eight-week therapeutic group. We will use archetypes as a lantern to illumine our own soul's journey. These archetypes will serve as powerful allies to reawaken to ourselves.

For Appointments, Information, Registration:


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