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When the mind, body, and spirit are in balance and integrated, we have access to our wise inner guidance system- Intuition. This is the part of us that clearly knows what paths we must take to feel fully alive and to find a sense of purpose in our lives. When our intuitive voice is inaudible or muffled, we have difficulty making decisions, our minds are in a constant state of anxious chatter, and we live out emotional stories that create drama in our lives. We feel hopeless, confused, lonely, worried, unsure, lost, and unhappy.


Disease begins from a place of Dis-Ease. The process begins with signals and signs within our emotional body and these, if not addressed, progress into a state of fatigue or mental and physical illness. Our mental states have a profound impact on our physical health and life experience. The mind, body, and spirit are connected; when one piece is out of balance, the whole system is affected.


I employ science and art, the brain and the nervous system, the ego and the soul, wisdom traditions from the east and the west, the feminine and the masculine, shadow work and awareness practice - We begin to feel grounded when these things come together to create balance and integration in our lives.

Let's create a healing space for you to explore your deepest inner self. An environment to claim your gifts and create a path to your highest passions and most joyful sense of being in the world.

Reaching out and stepping into the therapy room requires bravery. It takes courage to be vulnerable. It takes strength to release pain and begin to heal. Therapy is not about weakness or sickness. It is about reigniting the feeling of being alive: experiencing wonder, enjoyment, and satisfaction in life.


Facing yourself through this process is the way of the inner warrior, returning to the root of self. It is a journey into the self and then back into the world changed and transformed, with new perspectives and new ways of being. 


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Archetypes & Myths from across the Universe

Carl Gustav Jung

Joseph Campbell

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Eckhart Tolle

Caroline Myss

Richard Rudd



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