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Amberlea Patrick, LPC
Tuning Into Presence
Empowering Healing
Trusting the Process
Loving Kindness & Awareness

Live a More Authentic Life

Patterns of Behavior

Deeper Understanding of Self & Others


Cultivating Consciousness
Empower Choice
Light the Path

Welcome to a Sanctuary

Where your journey of remembering your deep-rooted, unshakeable wholeness begins and your soul's reawakening unfolds.

I am Amberlea, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Guide; and a Compassionate Traveler who has dedicated my life to the art of being, living and loving.


Your New Beginning

This moment — is your first step on the path to healing. I invite you into a transformative space and welcome you to this new beginning.

A Passionate Guide

With a heart centered in love, I am devoted to guiding you toward embracing your complete self.  A life where compassion, freedom, presence and acceptance are not just words but the cornerstones of your existence. My passion lies in helping you unlock this reality, leading to a life where you connect deeply, love fully, and exist joyfully.


A Healing Space Crafted for You

I create a healing space for you to explore your deepest inner self. A space where you're empowered to claim your unique gifts and create a path to your deepest passions and most fulfilling sense of being.


Unlocking Your Potential

One of my unique gifts is the intuitive insight to know, identify and help you to dissolve the barriers that prevent you from stepping into and embracing the life you’re meant to lead.


Intuition: Your Inner Compass

Balance and integration of mind, body, and spirit unlock the door to your inner wisdom — your Intuition. In a world where our intuitive voice is often lost in the noise, my approach helps amplify that voice, turning whispers into a confident song that guides your steps with certainty and clarity.


From Dis-Ease to Ease

Disease often stems from emotional dis-ease—unheeded signals from our emotions often lead to fatigue and illness. Our mental state deeply influences our physical health and life experiences. The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected; imbalance in one affects the entire system.


Uncover and Integrate

Embark on a journey of self-discovery to uncover which aspects of your being require harmony and integration. By exploring the stories and beliefs you tell about memories and experiences in your life, you'll begin to create a new narrative, one of balance and flow.


A Holistic Approach

A tapestry woven from science and spirituality, integrating knowledge from across the globe to ground you into a balanced existence. I employ a holistic view of therapy, considering every facet of your life, and utilizes the strengths of positive psychology to foster an environment where you can truly thrive.


Diverse and Inclusive

I work with individuals across all walks of life, challenges, and potentials. My expertise span across a wide range of conditions and experiences, ensuring that no matter your journey, you'll find supportive and understanding guidance.


Expertise and Experience

With an exceptional array of therapeutic training, I am well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the human psyche. My extensive background serves as a foundation for me to tailor an effective and compassionate approach to your unique needs.


In this space of healing and discovery, you're invited to lift the veil on your true potential. Whether you're grappling with life's challenges or seeking to deepen your understanding of yourself, I am thrilled to walk with you. Reach out now to begin a transformational journey that honors your entire being.

The Wise One Within

Reaching out and stepping into the therapy room requires bravery. It takes courage to be vulnerable. It takes strength to release pain and begin to heal. Therapy is not about weakness or sickness. It is about reigniting the feeling of being alive: experiencing wonder, enjoyment, and satisfaction in life.

 Facing yourself through this process is the way of the inner warrior, returning to the root of self. It is a journey into the self and then back into the world changed and transformed, with new perspectives and new ways of being. 



the Wisdom Within

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This moment, right now, is your first step toward healing. ​I welcome you to this new beginning.

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